Online Therapy

Online working is an effective, flexible way to get support when you need it and fit sessions into your busy life .

“The past affects the present even without our being aware of it.”

— Francine Shapiro

Online appointments, talk in the privacy of your own place at a time that is convenient to you.

No more travelling to appointments or getting stuck in traffic and you are able to work with me from almost any geographical location and virtually anywhere in the world!

Who can benefit

Online therapy enables you to gain help wherever you are, travelling or living abroad, or from home. It provides an opportunity for counselling or therapy wherever you live in the country or you lack the time to travel to see someone or find it difficult to leave home due to care responsibilities or a disability. 

Since early 2020 I have worked almost entirely online and have found this to be equally as effective as meeting in person. I have clients who work with me from the comfort of their own settee, and offices, a more relaxing way of exploring difficulties in your personal or professional life.

Sometimes if finding a private space from home is not possible clients have parked up in a safe space where there is good phone reception or in a quiet corner of a park where it is possible to talk in privacy and we have worked our sessions on whats-app or FaceTime. Working remotely enables you to take time flexibly out of their working day to meet and still make time for yourself.

If you tend to feel anxious about expressing your feelings or talking about difficult issues in person, you may find it easier to be open working online.

I do work with clients from abroad and can work with you whilst you are abroad for work or travelling on your holidays if you want to keep up sessions for continuity . Some find having the space and time out whilst relaxing helps to consider life from a new perspective .

If you are used to working online you will find this convenient. if you are a novice or not so technology savvy, do not worry, please do speak with me as we can usually find ways round things to make it work for you and I will walk you through the process. If you are not sure what method you prefer, we can work flexibly and start one way eg on zoom and switch to another eg WhatsApp or phone.

Telephone calls are also available for those who prefer this.

NB I am unable to work with you if you are driving, even if you are talking on a handsfree or if you are cycling. When working you are needing to focus internally on your thoughts and feelings, when driving you need to focus externally!

3 online choices, choose the best for you.

Video Calls OR phone calls

The most popular option and the most like traditional therapy sessions.

You engage in real time appointments with me via your computer or smartphone using zoom or whats-app/FaceTime.

I will send a link via email, click on the link and you are in the sessions.

Phone sessions. I will call you on an agreed number at our session time.

I have had feedback from many clients who are surprised at how much can be gained from working on the online and on the phone. Some who start face to face then for convenience move to online due to its ease.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment in advance.

Instant messaging.

You engage in real time text based Counselling with me via your computer or smartphone similar to entering a chat room and typing messages to each other.

As we are having a live virtual conversation you will again need to book an appointment time in advance with me.

Working online allows for creativity, such as exploring and expressing negative or positive feelings through drawings, using photos and emoticons.

If instant messaging, you may find it easier and more comfortable to do this from a laptop so you have the keyboard to type, rather than 1 finger typing on your mobile

Email Exchanges

You have the freedom to send your email anytime during the week and will receive a counselling email back from me at an agreed day of the week.

This takes place over a longer time allowing plenty of time for writing and reflection.

Clients tell me writing is in itself therapeutic, and that they find it helpful to refer back to our email exchanges.